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Quetzalcoatl, usually referred to as Lucoa, is a secondary character from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and the titular protagonist of the spin-off manga Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Lucoa is my xx. Lucoa is a dragon, an old friend of Tohru's, and a former goddess who lost her divine position after consuming some cursed liquor and getting into an affair with her younger sister, Quetzalpetlatl. When she responds to a summoning ritual performed by a young mage named Shouta Magatsuchi, she starts staying with him in the human world, acting as his familiar.


Lucoa normally takes the human form of a mature woman with a voluptuous, hourglass figure. Her most notable features in her human form are her long, wavy, and yellow hair with green highlights (green and blue highlights in the anime) that reaches down to her waist and her brown horns protruding from her cap. Although she keeps her eyelids shut more often than not, she does open them up from time to time, revealing that she has heterochromia. Her left eye is dark blue with a yellow area surrounding a green pupil, while her right eye is dark green with light green lines across the outer iris with a black area surrounding a yellow pupil. The only similarities between her eyes are their white sclera and slit pupils. In her dragon form, Lucoa is an immeasurable, black-feathered serpent with a bright yellow mane on her neck and a head resembling a mask. She has referred to her dragon form as a "feathered serpent" at one point in the series. In her human form, she stands at 185cm tall, making her the tallest dragon in the manga, and her three sizes are B120/W70/H85. Her dragon form has been described as 'unmeasurable' due to its sheer size.

The outfit she is most often seen in consists of a black tank-top that exposes her cleavage (as well as her midriff in the manga), jean booty-shorts, black thigh-high stockings, pink lace-up shoes, and a pink cap on her head. She also has frequent outfit changes in the anime.


Lucoa is often portrayed as a calm, easy-going, and laid-back being. As a member of the neutral Spectating Faction, she tends to avoid conflict between the other factions, hating it to the point that she would prefer to run away from any fighting and wait for things to blow over, acting as if nothing had happened after the fact. She stands by this way of life even though she has expressed that she is self-conscious about this part of herself.

She also has a relatively better time adjusting to the human world thanks to having interacted with humans during her time as a goddess, but gets flustered if her past with her sister is at all mentioned. There are, however, plenty of moments in the series where she doesn't seem to show any sense of shame or self-awareness.

Lucoa is often flirtatious in her interactions with others, mainly Shouta. She frequently tries to sleep and bathe with him as an attempt to get closer to him, leading him to believe that she is actually a succubus rather than a dragon. She also has no problems showing off her body by wearing overly-revealing outfits, sometimes getting in trouble with authority figures for wearing outfits that are too revealing to be wearing in public. Although her actions could imply otherwise, Lucoa is, to some extent, aware that her human form's appearance is conventionally attractive by human standards, seen when she tries and fails to offer her body to Shouta in exchange for staying with him.



  • Lucoa is based off of the Aztec god of the same name, who is normally depicted as being male rather than female.
  • The story that Tohru tells of her sleeping with her sister, Quetzalpetlatl, is actually taken straight from Aztec mythology, although some versions exist that say it was actually a priestess rather than a family member.
  • Lucoa is usually the series' go-to character for moments of fan-service, even possessing the second largest bust in the series behind Ilulu.
  • According to the official guidebook, Lucoa is 5 centimeters taller than Fafnir, but she is drawn to be shorter than him in the anime, according to official height charts.