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Kobayashi's Boss (real name unknown) is a character in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.


He is a middle aged man with a black dress shirt and red tie, accompanied by a pair of beige pants. He has facial hair on his upper lip and chin with a bald spot on the top of his head due to his age.


He is rude, has a bad temper, disrespectful and lazy as he criticize's Kobayashi for work ethic, and he pushes his own work onto her and expects her to get it done. He is also easily embarrassed as Tohru trips him constantly and he blushes as he gets up.


Nothing is known about him, except that he is Kobayashi's overbearing and demanding boss who tells her to finish her work, which is partially his as he hands down his work onto Kobayashi as she works hard since he is too lazy to work on his projects.

When Tohru watches him berate and force his work on Kobayashi, she constantly makes him trip as punishment. However, his reign of terror in the office came to an abrupt end when an anonymous person (Kobayashi) sent a recording to the higher ups of her boss's verbal abuse, putting his work on his employees and how he treats them, causing him to be fired as a result.