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Ilulu is a character featured in various Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid related media. She is introduced as an antagonist attempting to kill Tohru for interacting with humans and later tries to drive apart her and Kobayashi after Tohru defeats her. After Kobayashi and Tohru save her from an attack by Clemene, she has a change of heart and becomes a permanent resident of Kobayashi's apartment.


While in her human form, Ilulu's most notable characteristics are her salmon-colored hair (with purple highlights in the anime), pink eyes, brown horns on both sides of her head, short stature, and large breasts. In her first appearance, she can be seen with a dragon tail and dragon-like claws on her arms, but she is able to morph her body to hide her dragon body parts while in her human form. She stands at 130cm tall in her human form and her three sizes are B130/W55/H70.

Ilulu's first outfit consists of a black cloak with fur attached to its collar and a black thong. Later in the series, she begins wearing a more casual outfit, consisting of a large, black t-shirt that goes down past her hips, black thigh-high socks, and red shoes.


As a child, Ilulu was friends with humans, but after the death of her parents, other chaos dragons pushed onto her the belief that humans cannot be trusted, which led to her resenting all humans. When she found out that Tohru, a dragon, and Kobayashi, a human, were co-existing, she immediately became suspicious of their relationship and assumed that Kobayashi had reasons for taking Tohru in that she refused to let slip.

Following her moving into Kobayashi's household, she acts far calmer than she did when she was initially introduced and is more open to interacting with humans, such as Riko Saikawa and Taketo Aida. Despite being the same age as Tohru, she acts far more childish compared to her and is often watched by her while Kobayashi is away from home.