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Damocles, also referred to as the Emperor of Demise, is a character from the Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid series. He is the father of Tohru and one of the most powerful dragons in the Chaos Faction.


In his human form, Damocles appears as an elderly man with greying hair and a beard. In his dragon form, he takes on a form similar to Tohru's dragon form, only with red scales, red and black wings, a white beard, a mane, and moustache-like whiskers. He stands at 165cm tall while in his human form and his dragon form is 30 meters long.

The outfit he is most often seen in features a dark red cloak that he is capable of transforming into a pair of wings while in his human form.


Damocles is callous and stern, hating humans and viewing them as inferior and evil, a belief he tried to impart on Tohru. However, unlike other Chaos Dragons, he respects the non-interference laws that prevent dragons from killing humans on Earth. Although when angered, he attacks Kobayashi and threatens to leave her at the brink of death. Despite this, he still cares for his daughter and expresses genuine concern for her safety, warning her that the peaceful human life she claims to want isn't possible, and that her presence in the human world would risk taking the war between the Chaos and Harmony factions ravaging the dragon's world to Earth. In the manga, he leaves after Tohru intimidates him, while in the anime, he strongly disapproves of Tohru's choice of mate, being Kobayashi, but accepts her decision and leaves them in peace.



  • Damocles is named after the main character from an old myth called "The Sword of Damocles."
  • Damocles' dragon form appeared in the Dragon Maid anime adaptation before it appeared in the official manga.